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Tips For Converting Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 To H.264 MP4

Recently, I always saw some people asking for some solutions to help them convert Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 To H.264 MP4 when I was visiting some forums. High-Efficiency Video Coding (aka H.265), that's great since HEVC is, as its name implies, a high-efficiency way of recording video. That means files can be smaller than those encoded with the older H.264 protocol that became the standard in the pre-4K days. But, there's a catch—HEVC is new, and many devices can't decode its advanced compression scheme. To make Samsung NX500/NX1 footage widely supported, we highly recommend you to convert Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 to H.264 .MP4 with ease.

In order to play or edit Samsung NX1, NX500 H.265 videos with no obstacles, a wise choice is to decode/re-encode NX1/NX500 4K H.265 to H.264 MP4, a more common video format. However, before that you need a professional 4k H.265 to H.264 converter, there are tons of video converters in this market, you will miss yourselves if no one guides you. So this time, I will be your best guide.

Pavtube Video Converter | Mac stands out from its competitors which could convert Samsung NX500/NX1 4K HEVC (H.265) videos to 4K H.264 MP4, and other common video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV for easily playing, and also can convert HEVC (H.265) files to the editing tools with professional codec, like MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, etc.

Furthermore, the software allows you to adjust video parameters at will. You can adjust resolution to 3840*2160 to keep 4k resolution, you also can downscale/upscale video bit rate to lower or higher vdieo size. Or compress 4k to 1080p by changing video resolution to make the video more fittable for your media players on your target devices.

Moreover, the features-rich software also works as a video editor, it allows you to modify your videos by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects and more. By the way, this H.265 converting application also enables you to convert videos from almost any SD/HD input(M2TS, MTS, MKV, H.264, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MXF, MPEG, etc.) to H.265 HEVC codec and up to 4K.

Read More: Edit Samsung NX500 4K H.265 in Premiere Pro CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC

Below, we will go with Windows version to show you how to convert Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 To H.264 MP4 with only 3 steps. Its Mac version has the same operating procedures.

Step By Step To Convert Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 To H.264 MP4

Step 1. Add 4K H.265 videos

Run the H.265 to H.264 converter, click the Add button to load 4k HEVC files from Samsung NX1, NX500 to the program.

add 4k h.265

Step 2. Choose H.264 MP4 as output format

Click Format bar and choose "H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4)", "H.264 Main Profile Video(*.mp4)", or "H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4)" from "Common Video" as the target format. Or you can go to HD Video> H.264 HD Video(*.mp4), which will reduce the quality drop of your raw H.265 files to the least.

Tip: Click and choose "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas" > "MEPG-2(*.mpg)". The setting seamlessly fits Adobe Premiere, Affter Effects, Sony Vegas.


Step 3. Adjust vdieo parameters

Click Setting button, here you can adjust video codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, bit rate, channels. You can compress 4k to 1080p by changing pix to 1920*1080.

Tip: The video size is based more on bit rate that resolution, lower the bit rate to get smaller video file.

Image result for site:multipelife.com h.264

Step 4. Start conversion

After all necessary settings, go back to the main interface and hit the Convert button to start encoding Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.265 to H.264 .MP4.

Wait for a second, go to click Open to locate at the folder with generated file. then you will be free to play or edit the Samsung NX500/NX1 4K H.26 via any media player or devices.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Video Frame Rate Changer For Samsung Devices

What Is Frame Rate?

Frame rate (expressed in frames per second or fps) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames are displayed in an animated display. The term applies equally to film and video cameras, computer graphics, and motion capturesystems. Actually, there are some common-used main frame rate standards for video: 23.976 FPS, 24 FPS, 25 FPS, 29.97 FPS, 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Firstly, let's see the common issues on frame rate:

Q1: I recorded some videos in .mp4 format, but when I tended to stream the videos through the USB port on my Samsung smart TV, it refused to play them. I'm sure the videos are all encoded correctly and being in Samsung TV supported video formats (H.264/AAC). Does anyone know what's going on or a way to adjust frame rate for MP4?

Q2: I have a problem uploading and playing this video on a web portal, some slides consistently stutter or display distortions. And I suspect the problem is prompted by the strange frame rate of 30.302. Whatever does it mean - 30.302 frames per second? Any frame rate converter?

Q3: I always strayed away from FPS conversion as they always threw the audio out of sync.

Q4: I'm trying to convert 30fps Samsung Galaxy Note 8 4k video recording to be more PAL-friendly for PAL playback/display devices, but I get a very jerky, or blurry video output.

I believe that many people have met those issues or other similar problems, and long for a powerful video frame rate converter to solve the problem above. Today you are lucky, you will get the ultimate solution by using the best video frame rate converter in this article. Keep reading!

The Ultimate Solution With The Best Video Frame Rate Changer

The most effective and direct method to change frame rate of a video will be realized by means of a handy video frame rate converterPavtube Video Converter comes as such winner which stands out from its competitors. Compared to those complicated video editors, it is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

You can import the source video to it and output 23.976fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30fps and more in batch with only a few clicks. So you can solve audio out of sync problem, and jurky video playback issues during editing process. Moreover, this program allows you to import all popular HD/SD/4K videos from Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung Galaxy S/Note series, Galaxy Tab, Youtube, DJI Phantom, DJI Spark, iPhone X, iPhone 8, etc. And then hundreds of video formats, optimized device presets are waiting for your exploration.

For movie-make lovers, you may need to edit your video with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Affter Effects, Adobe Premiere, if your souce can't be playback very well due to video frame rate issues, video formats incompatibility issues, you can output Apple ProPres 422 (*.mov), Avid DNxHD 720p/1080p (*.mov), WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv), or other non-linear editing software friendly formats for successfully video editing.

For Mac users, please turn to Pavtube Video Converter for Mac to convert 29.97fps to 23.976fps on macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, etc.

How to Change Video Frame Rate With Pavtube Video Converter?

Step 1: Add source video file

Run this best frame rate converter if you've downloaded it for Mac or for Windows. Click "File">"Add Video/audio" button at the top left corner of the main interface, choose source video file from the popping up window, and the video will be loaded quickly. You can also directly drag drop files to the window. You can add more than one source video at a time.

Tip: Just like we discussed just now, you can import any video to this program at will. Below is the screenshot.

load source

Step 2: Select Output Format

Open the "Format" drop-down list, here are 250+ video audio formats and portable devices for your choice. Just select your original video format if you don’t have the requirement of video format conversion.

Tip: Pavtube Video Converter also works as a video converter that accepts a wide range of codec and container formats, such as MP4, H.264, H.265, MPEG4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, AVCHD, Apple ProRes, and more.

output formats

Step 3: Change Video Frame Rate

Now, click "Settings" button behind format bar. Head to Video Options, click the menu next to "Frame Rate(fps)", and pick definite video frame rate according to your own needs. Then click "OK" to save the settings.

Tip: Here you can adjust video codec, resolution, bit rate, audio cedec, channels and other parameters at will.

change video frame rate

Step 4: Start Frame Rate conversion

Once all things are ready, specify the output folder then press "Convert" button to start to change video frame rate at will. You'll be able to view the progress of the conversion for each video.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to Rip Blu-ray for Samsung UBD-M9500 with 5.1 Channel Surround Audio

The Samsung UBD-M9500 offers a bunch of new tricks, including a nifty Blu-ray to Mobile feature that beams 4K and regular Blu-ray discs to an Android smartphone. For many Blu-ray collectors, you may want to enjoy your Blu-ray discs on Samsung UBD-M9500 Blu-ray player. Here I highly recommend you to digitalize all your Blu-ray discs with 5.1 channel surround audio cause keeping the Blu-ray discs is not an easy thing. Reasons like below:

  • Blu-ray discs are really frail which are easy to be damaged, like the scratch, the dirty, the frequent playback, etc.
  • Many Blu-ray movies lovers prefer purchasing cheaper Samsung/Sony and other Blu-ray players from online shop rather than from native cities. When you try to play the Blu-ray discs you bought in your country, you failed because of the region codes. For example, you have got a Samsung UBD-M9500 from American Amazon, then try to play Brazilian/European Blu-ray discs you bought when you traveled out, now you will meet some error messages to remind you that this player can't play those Blu-ray movies.
  • When you rent the the Blu-ray disc from the store, you can't keep the Blu-ray disc for longer time. So, you know what, right?

Why recommend you rip Blu-ray to 5.1 channel surround? 5.1 surround sound is the most common format. It includes a total of six channels — five full-bandwidth channels with 3-20,000 Hz frequency range for front left and right, center, and left and right surrounds, plus one "low frequency effects" (LFE) subwoofer channel for frequencies from 3-120 Hz. This technology gives you a feeling of actually being there. What software can help you achieve this goal? Keeping reading.

Best Blu-ray Ripper For Samsung UBD-M9500 To Get 5.1 Channel Surround Audio

There are tons of Blu-ray converters in the market, you may miss yourselves if nobody guides you. Here I recommend you Pavtube ByteCopy | For Mac, which can remove the Blu-ray BD+, AACS, Region Codes, MKB v61, MKB v62, ect copy protection for you. It offers you massive copying features:

  • 1:1 full disc copy of Blu-ray movies with all the subtitle languages, audio tracks and chapter information well preserved 
  • Main movie copy of Blu-ray disc without unwanted extras 
  • Convert Blu-ray to various different video formats or audio formats (H.265/HEVC, Prores are also supported) 
  • This program can remove Blu-ray region A, Region B and Region C to make Blu-ray region-free for Samsung UBD-M9500 Player.
  • Output iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, windows phone/tablet, game consoles or vidoe editing program preset profile formats with all the optimized settings. 
  • Last but not least, with it, you can lossless copy Blu-ray to Multi-track MKV format to help preserve Blu-ray 5.1 surround sound or other popular multi-track formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV for viewing on Samsung UBD-M9500 with multiple audio tracks and channels. Below, we will show you how to achieve this goal.

Rip Blu-ray with 5.1 Channel Surround Audio For Samsung UBD-M9500

 Step 1. Load the Blu-ray disc

Install the best Blu-ray ripper on PC. then open it, click the “Load from Disc”icon to import the Blu-ray Disc. You also can load the BDMV folder by choosing the “Load from folder” from the dropdown list of “File”, of course, you also can choose to load the ISO images too.

load Blu-ray

Step 2. Choose Lossless MKV video

Click the Format and select "Multi-track Video" > "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV(*.mkv)" for output. You can get lossless audio streams without transcoding. At the video setting windows, you also can choose the chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles.

Tip: You must make sure that the original Blu-ray disc contains Dolby Digital 5.1 audio channel.

Output lossless multi-track MKV format with 7.1 audio

Click the Setting button and adjust the video. For ripping Blu-ray with Dolby 5.1 tracks, open "Multi-task Settings" window, click "Audio" tab, check "Encode" to get encoded MKV files with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio saved. In this way, you also can rip Blu-ray with original DTS-HD Master audio track.

Encode Blu-ray to 5.1 audio track

Step 3. Start the Blu-ray with 5.1 Channel Surround Audio conversion

After the options are finished, you can go back to the main interface and click the "Convert" button to start the video conversion quickly. Just wait for a while, you can get the best Blu-ray videos for Samsung UBD-M9500. When you get the videos, you can save it in the USB and play the converted Blu-ray videos on Samsung UBD-M9500 with USB.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to Play DVD Movies from An USB Port on Samsung TV

A smart Samsung TV like Samsung LED, LCD, and 3D Smart TV is a big entertainment in our daily life. Have you got some DVD collections and want to play them on your Samsung TV through USB port? If you do, this article will help you a lot. You have come to the right place, and will find a good way to help you achieve this goal.

The Thing You Need To Prepare

Before you start to watch DVD movies on Smaung TV, you have to do something in advance. I mean you'll need to convert DVD to Samsung TV supported file format first because DVD is not supported by Samsung TV. I highly recommend you a third-part program -   Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate | For Mac, with this powerful software you can rip any commercial DVD movies to Samsung TV supported video files with fast speed and excellent output quality.

Moreover, this DVD ripping tool can also rip Blu-ray or convert video files to various popular video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, etc. as well as convert your source media files to optimized video for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Samsung smartphone, Android tablet, game consoles and more.

Below, we will go with windows version to show you how to copy and convert DVDs to Samsung TV supported video formats. Its Mac version has the same operating procedures.

How to Rip and Copy DVD to USB Drive for Samsung TV?

Step 1. Add DVD movies

Insert the DVD disc into your computer's DVD drive and launch the DVD to Samsung TV converter. Then click "Load DVD" icon or "File">"Load from disc" to select and import the DVD files you want to rip to this program. If necessary, loaded files can be previewed in the right viewing window and you can take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes. Besides DVD, you can also load Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray Folder, Blu-ray ISO Image File for watching on Samsung TV.

add dvd

Step 2: Output Samsung TV playable file formats

USB drive supports storing almost all kinds of video formats. However, when linked to a device for playing, the video file should of the format compatible with the device. So here you are required to output Samsung TV playable video format.

From "Format" bar drop-down list, select one of Samsung TV playable file formats such as "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" under "HD Video" main category.

hd mp4

Tip: Click the "Settings" button and customize proper video/audio parameters to get better playback effects on Samsung TV. Video size, bitrate and fame rate are flexible and can be adjusted as you like. 

You can also directly output Samsung TV specially optimized file formats "Samsung TV(*.mp4)" under "TVS" main category.

samsung tv

Step 3: Add subtitles to DVD movies

This program also works as video editor, if you want to learn some foreign languages by watching DVD movies, however, the DVD movies have no corresponding subtitles, now you can download the subtitles you want and insert it to your DVD movies. How to do? Here is a video for you to make reference.

Step 4: Start ripping DVD movies

After all necessary settings, go back to the main interface and click "Convert" to begin ripping your DVD movies for playback on Samsung TV. When the ripping completes, you can click "Open Output Folder" button to located the ripped video files directly.

After conversion, you can transfer all the output vidos to a USB drive and then play them on Samsung TV from USB port.

To Play Media Files in USB Devices on Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

1. Plug a USB storage device into an USB port at the back of your Samsung TV.

2.  Press the Source button on your remote. Then select USB Device USB.


Or press the HOME button on your remote, nevigate to Source and choose USB Device.


 3.   Select the media file you want to play


4. Press the Enter button to show the control panel.


Note:"USB" refers to "USB Storage Devices", but not any other devices connected with a USB cable.


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Best Video Audio File Formats Supported by 4K TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, and more)

It will be a big challenge to understand the differences between video and audio file formats supported by 4K TV, cause there are tons of video/audio file formats in this world. To help you understand your TV formats, this post has listed the most particular Samsung, LG, Sony TV video/audio formats. You can use MediaInfo or similar tool to identify the container and codec format of the video you want to play on 4K TVs. Now you can check out the list below, by the way, we still prepare a method to help you solve video audio compatibility issues if you fail to play a video on your 4k TV, resort to a video converter for 4K TVs.

Sony 4K TV supported file formats

  • Video file extension: .mpg, .mpeg, .vob, .vro, .m2ts, .mts, .ts, .mp4, .avi, .divx, .asf, .wmv, .3gp, .3g2, .mov, .mkv, .rm, .rmvb, .flv, .ogv, .flv.
  • Video file formats: MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI, VOB, ASF, VRO, TS, 3GP.
  • Video codecs: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVC, DivX, Xvid, H.264, H.265, VP8.
  • Audio file formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA.

Samsung 4K TV supported file types

  • Video file extensions: .avi, .mkv, .asf, .wmv, .mp4, .mov, .3gp, .vro, .mpg, .mpeg, .ts, .tp, .trp, .mov, .flv, .vob, .svi, .m2ts, .mts, .divx, .webm, .rmvb.
  • Video container format: AVI, MKV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV, VRO, VOB, PS, TS, SVAF.
  • Video codecs: H.264 BP/MP/HP, HEVC/H.265, VP9, MPEG 2, MPEG 1, Motion JPEG, DivX, H.263, VP6.
  • Audio file formats: Dolby Digital, LPCM, AAC, HE-AAC, WMA, Dolby Digital Plus, MP3, DTS.

Panasonic 4K TV supported file formats:

  • Video codecs: H.264, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, HEVC/H.265, VP8, VP9, DivX.
  • Video container formats: MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, TS, AVCHD, MOV, AVI.
  • Audio format: MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, AC3, DTS, E-AC3, MPEG Audio.

LG 4K TV supported file formats:

  • Video file extension: .asf, .wmv, .divx, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .3gp, .3g2, .rm, .mkv, .ts, .trp, .tp, .mts, .mpg, .mpeg, .dat, .vob, .rmvb.
  • Video container format: MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI, ASF, VRO, TS, 3GP.
  • Video codecs: DivX, H.264/AVC, Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VP8, VP9, HEVC.
  • Audio format: WMA, AAC, MP3, DTS, Dolby Digital.

TCL (Roku) Supported Video Audio File Formats

  • Video formats: H.264/AVC (MKV, MP4, MOV), H.262(MKV), H.265/HEVC (MKV, MP4, MOV), VP9 (MKV), H.264 (Roku Premier, Premier +, and Ultra).
  • Audio formats: AAC, MP3, WMA, PCM, AC3/EAC3, DTS, ALAC, M4A.

Vizio 4K TVs Compatible Video Audio File Formats

  • Video formats: MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, TS, AVCHD, MOV, AVI, ASF, WMV.
  • Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby Digital, WMA, ALAC.

Most Common Video Audio File Formats for 4K TV

From above list, we have collected the most common video audio formats supported by 4K TVs to help you save more time, including Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Vizio, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, Panasonic and others.

  • Video container format: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, VOB, ASF, WMV, M2TS
  • File extension: .mkv, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .divx, .flv, .vob, .asf, .ts, .mov, .m2ts, .mts
  • Video codecs: H.264, H.265, HEVC, VP9, VP8, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, AVC
  • Audio format: MP3, AAC, WMA, MAV

Bit rate: 60Mbps.
Frame rate: 30fps or 60fps.
Aspect ratio: Most 4K UHD TVs are made in a rectangular shape, which is 16:9 or 1.78 to 1 aspect ratio. If your video image looks squished, how to do?

There are tons of video formats in this world, the source shot by DJI cameras, footage from iPhone 8/X, downloaded from video sharing sites, like Youtube, render file from non-linear editing software, so it is common when you import the source into your 4k TV but fail to play them, so how to do?

Best Video Converter for 4K TV You May Need

To solve those problems, here comes a professional video converter for 4K TV - Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate | for Mac, which supports input different video and audio formats and output various video, audio and devices. If you are familiar with video format, container and codec, you can directly choose video format, then adjust the video and audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, channel and more parameters to make the outputed video more fit in your 4k TV. With this feature, you even can compress 4K to 1080p video or upscale lower resolution video to higher resolution video. If you don't know the video knowledge, you can directly choose iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, PS4, TVs and more devices optimized presets. What' more, you also can convert Blu-ray and DVD to digital files in virtually any format.

Here is a screenshot, you can click "Add video", you also can directly drag or drop video to this program. By the way, batch conversion is also supported.

pavtube video converter

Then click format bar, here are hundreds of video formats for you to select. Navigate to "TVS" and form its extended list, choose "Samsung TV (*.mp4)" or others you want.


Apart from a Video Converter, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is also a video editor with rich video editing functions. It can fulfill all the needs of making a professional video for public consumption or simple creativity trying. With it, you can merge separate video clips into one, insert external subtitles to video, add transparent text watermark/image watermark to video, split large video files into small parts, adjust video color brightness, contrast, saturation, remove audio from a video or replace audio in video, trim video footage, crop unwanted area from video, etc.


Most 4K UHD TVs are made in a rectangular shape, which is 16:9 or 1.78 to 1 aspect ratio. If your video image looks squished, you can use the program to change aspect ratio before you play the video on 4K TV. 


When you finish all settings, you can go to the main interface, and click "Convert" to start to video to 4K TV covnersion. Wait for a while, click "Open", it will pop up a folder with the generated files. Now yo can play any video on your 4K TV without any obstacles. Good luck. If you want to know more functions about this video, welcome to read this guide.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Best Workflow to Enjoy and Play DVD Movies on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

One of the greatest pleasures in our lives is watching movies, lying on the sofa, popcorn in one hand, a tablet in the other hand. How nice! If I had to pick one tablet to watch video on for the rest of my life, I would pick the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It's a stylish, all-glass tablet with an impressively crisp and vibrant screen and four speakers, making it an excellent portable movie theater. It's also the first HDR-ready tablet, although there are a few asterisks to that bullet point.

With this tablet, you can watch massive online DVD movies on media player apps. However, there is no free lunch in this world, you have to pay for them. But for DVD collectors or home-made DVD lovers, that become more difficult to watch DVD on Galaxy Tab S3, cause those DVD videos are protected. If the DVD movies you own are created by yourselves, you can directly download some free DVD Ripper software such as MakeMKV, Handbrake, Format Factory, etc to convert home-made DVD movies to Galaxy Tab S3 playable file formats.

If your DVD movies are stored purchased or rented DVD movies with copy and region protection, you will then need a powerful DVD ripper application that supports to bypass the region codec and copy protection equipped on the DVD movies. After searching on the Google, you may find that Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac (review) does a good job than all its competitors.

Firstly, you can convert DVD to virtually any video and audio formats like popular H.265/HEVC MKV, H.265/HEVC MP4, H.264 MP4, H.264 MKV, MOV, WMV, ProRes, DNxHD and outdated AVI, 3GP, FLV, ASF, WebM video format and MP3, AAC, MKA, WMA audio formats. Through configuring the video and audio resolution, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, channel, you can get most compatible video for your Galaxy Tab S3 freely or edit your DVD video in Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.

Many people want to shrink DVD file sizes due to Galaxy Tab S3 has limited storage space, Pavtube DVDAid can help you achieve this goal. Now download this program on your pc, open it, can you see a pen icon on the UI, click it and entre the "Video Editor" window, here are 7 main tabs for you. For example, you can add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your DVD movies or replace the audio in the video. More features are waiting your discovery.

Quick Guide to Transfer and Play DVD Movies on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Step 1: Load DVD files with optical DVD drive.

Run the program, insert DVD into your computer's DVD optical drive, and from the "File" drop-down menu, select "Load from disc" to load commercial DVD disc into the program.

load dvd

Tips: The program can automatically select the main DVD title (the one with the longest time and largest file size) for you. You can also use the "Merge into one file" option on the main interface to join multiple DVD titles into one single file.

Step 2: Set output file format.

Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down list, select one of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 playable formats such as ""H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)" under "HD Video" main category. Or you can choose your desired format from "Samsung" category.

set output format

Tips: If you are familiar with video format, container and codec, you can directly choose video format, then adjust the video and audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, channel and more parameters to make the outputed video more fit in your video player on Galaxy Tab S3. 

For example, the video size is based more on bit rate than resolution. Lower the bit rate to get smaller video size.

Image result for site:multipelife.com pavtube dvdaid h.264 settings

Step 3: Begin the conversion.

Start DVD to Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 ripping process by hitting the right-bottom "Convert" button. After the conversion, following this article: transfer video to Galaxy Tab S3 to have a nice DVD movie experience on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to Watch DVD movies with 3D Effect on Samsung 3D TV

From sci-fi to sports, documentaries to kids' flicks, 3D is a big thing for the world of home theater. Instead of going to the cinema, Samsung 3D TV enables you to experience the 3D movies at home with the vivid scene. For DVD fans, playing DVD movies with 3D effect on Samsung 3D TV with your family or friends would be enjoyable. However, the Samsung 3D TV does not come with a DVD disc drive and its supported video format is limited that can not handle DVD rips directly, so how to do? Keep reading.

According to the Samsung offcial website we know that, Samsung 3D TV support 3D SBS MP4 videos well, for watching DVD movies with 3D effect on it, you just need to rip the DVD movies to that format. The only thing left is how to get a perfect assistant to help you to make this to come true. I have to say Pavtube DVDAid for Win / Mac should be your best choice.

This program enables you to directly unlock commercial DVD movies and convert them to 3D format for Samsung 3D TV. Moreover, the built-in video editor allows you to easily adjust 3D effects. You can change the output aspect ratio of your DVD movie to make it adapt with your Samsung 3D TV screen, add SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to DVD movies for better understanding if the subtitle languages in your original DVD movies are not what you actually need. Furthermore, for those people who hate long ending can cut the tail of the movie. More features in this guide for you.

Below, we will go with Windows version to show to how to convert DVD to 3D SBS MP4 for playback on 3D TV. Its Mac version has the same operating procedures. Here we go!

Guide: Rip DVD to 3D SBS MP4 for Watching on Samsung 3D TV

Step 1: Load DVD

Run DVD to Samsung 3D TV converter on PC and click "File" > "Load from disc" to load the DVD movie you want to convert. In addition to a Samsung TV, you’ll find it no difficult to play DVD on a SonyLG or Panasonic TV.


Tips: The program will automatically select the main DVD title for you, you can select your desired subtitle languages or audio tracks from the drop-down list of "Subtitle" and "Audio" under the DVD title displaying list. You are luck to keep forced subtitles with this tool released from Pavtube Studio.

Step 2: Select the "3D" output format

To output 3D SBS MP4, go to the format list to choose “3D Video” > “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4).”


Tip: If you like, click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, here you can adjust 3D video depth to get better 3D visual effect or check "Switch Left Right" option to reverse the image displaying order for you.

Image result for pavtube dvdaid 3d settings

Step 3. Start the conversion

For all preparations, click “convert” button to rip DVD to 3D SBS MP4 video for Samsung 3D TV with high output quality. When the conversion finished, click “Open output folder” to get the ripped videos and then transfer them to USB drive, NAS, etc. Now you can watch DVD movies with vivid 3D effects on your Samsung 3D TV or other 3D devices.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rip and Copy DVD to QNAP NAS for Samsung TV Watching via Kodi

Some DVD fans are looking for a perfect way to make commercial DVD streamed to Samung TV via Kodi on QNAP, which is a powerful, reliable, secure and scalable NAS solution designed for mission-critical business applications and to meet fast growing data storage needs. As we all know, almost all DVD movies are encrypted with copy protection. Decryption keys are stored in the normally inaccessible lead-in area of the disc. You'll usually get an error if you try to copy the contents of an encrypted DVD to NAS, even the copied m2ts files. This post focuses on solutions for solving this issue.

Before going any further, the first thing we should take into consideration is what file formats can be streamed to Samsung TV via Kodi on QNAP NAS. QNAP NAS is just a network attached storage device which has no limitation for the file formats stored on it. In other words, the streaming file formats should be compatible both with Kodi and your Samsung TV. To sum up, you can choose to rip/convert your commercial DVD movies to AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), MKV, QuickTime MOV, FLV, 3GP, ASF, etc that work both on Kodi on your Samsung TV.

To copy DVD movies to QNAP NAS for streaming on Samsung TV via Kodi, you need a professional third software which enbales you directly unlock commercial DVD movies to Samsung TV preset profile format with all the suitable profile parameters well set. Pavtube DVDAid stands out from its crowd will never let you down.

Main Features of Pavtube DVDAid

Pavtube DVDAid for Windows | Mac

  • Copy and  convert DVD to virtually any video and audio formats like popular H.265/HEVC MKV, H.265/HEVC MP4, H.264 MP4, H.264 MKV, MOV, WMV, ProRes, etc for QNAP NAS, Kodi, Samsung TV, iDevice and Android devices, and more.
  • Through configuring the video and audio resolution, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, channel, it grants you to get most compatible video for your devices or software.
  • All-round devices presets have been equipped with the optimized video and audio parameters, you don't have to do any settings change.
  • With easy-to-use video editing functions, you can trim, crop video, or add text watermark, or add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your DVD movies or replace the audio in the video.

Step by Step to Convert DVD to QNAP NAS for Samsung TV Watching via Kodi

Step 1: Load DVD files to the program.

Click "File" menu, and select "Load from disc", Load from folder" or "Load IFO/ISO" to import source DVD disc files.

Load DVD disc files

Step 2: Specify output file format.

Click "Format" drop-down list, scroll down the main menu on the left, select "TVs", from its extended otpion list, choose "Samsung TV (*.mp4)".

Define output file format

Step 3: Add additional subtitles(Optional).

Click the "Subtitle" tab in "Video Editor" window, check "Enable", then you will be able to add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitle files to the video as hard subtitles. You also can see other 6 main funtions in this "Video Editor" window, you can have a trail for fun.

add subtitle

Step 4: Start the conversion.

Go back to the main UI and click "Convert"button to start DVD movies to Samsung TV customized file format conversion process.

When the conversion is completed, embrace yourself to enjoy DVD movies on Samsung TV via Kodi on QNAP NAS.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Convert 3D ISO to 3D SBS MP4 for Enjoyment on VR Headsets

Have you collected 300+ GB 3D ISO image files from 3D DVD discs, and want to find a way out of playing 3D ISO files on your VR Headset by searching all over the internet, but still have no idea? I believe that many people have such same question, you are lucky, this article aims to help you solve this problem, keep reading.

What 3D formats supported by VR Headsets

Today's VR headsets are affordable, impressive, fun, and phone-powered. So more and more users would like to enjoy vivid and sharp 3D videos, 360 videos in VR headset on the go. If you're going to have one, you’d better have a look at which 3D video formats are supported by most VR headset.

  • Samsung Gear VR: 3D SBS MP4/MKV
  • Oculus Rift: SBS or TAB 3D
  • Google Cardboard: SBS, Over/Under and Red-Cyan Anaglyph 3D
  • Zeiss VR One: SBS 3D

From above lists, we can see that most popular VR Headsets enables you to view 3D movies with Side by Side mode in MP4 file format, while others still support TAB or Anaglyph formats. However, 3D ISO file (also known as ISO image file) is actually an "image" of entire DVD or Blu-ray Disc, which are not supported by most VR headsets. To play 3D ISO files on VR headset, you can convert your 3D ISO image files to most VR headsets supported 3D SBS MP4 videos by a third party video converter.

Convert 3D ISO to VR Headsets

In the complex market, there are tons of 3D ISO covnerters, and it's hard to find a professional one for yourself. I would recommend you an application called Pavtube BDMagic. With this program, you can easily convert 3D ISO to popular VR Headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Google DayDream View, Zeiss VR One, etc recognizable SBS/TAB/Anaglypg 3D movie formats with the format of MP4/MKV/MOV/AVI/WMV formats, etc.

Moreover, this progam grants you to change the 3D depth value to get better 3D visual effect. Select between full SBS 3D or half SBS 3D, if you have a VR player with more graphic power and you wish to have a better 3D video quality, just select the full 3D SBS format, if not, a half SBS would satisfy your needs. Apart from that, you can also check the "Switch Left Right" option to change the image display order for 3D SBS movie.

Pavtube BDMagic (TopTenReviews) Windows | Mac

Step By Step to Convert 3D ISO to 3D MP4 for Playback on VR Headsets

Step 1: Load 3D ISO file.

Install and lauch the 3D ISO Ripper on your computer, on the main interface, click "File" > "Load IFO/ISO" to load 3D ISO image file into the program.

Load ISO

Step 2: Output 3D MP4 format.

Move to "Format" menu, find "3D Video" category and choose "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)" as output format. You can also choose other 3D mode or 3D format according to your own needs.

Output 3D SBS MP4 format

Step 3: Adjust 3D profile settings.

Click settings to open "3D Profile Settings" window, here you can adjust output 3D video depth, select the specific 3D resolution: Side by Side (Half - Width) or Side by Side (Full) or change the image display order for 3D SBS movie.

Adjust 3D profile settings

Step 4: Start to convert 3D ISO to 3D SBS MP4 video.

Back to program main interface, hit on the "Convert" button and start to create 3D SBS MP4 video from 3D ISO. When the conversion is done, you can locate the generated 3D SBS MP4 video in output folder to view on VR Headsets with seriously immersive 3D effect.

More Features of Pavtube BDMagic

  • Support batch conversion.
  • Convert 2D/3D Blu-ray, DVD or 4K/HD/SD Videos, BD ISO image file, DVD IFO/ISO file to 300+ popular video/audio formats such as: H.265/HEVC, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MOV, MKV, etc for Samsung Galaxy Note series, iPhone series, Samsung TV series, Samsung Gear VR, and more.
  • Set Blu-ray subtitles in the ripping process by selecting desired subtitle from original Blu-ray movies, enable forced subtitles and add external subtitles
  • Adjust output profile parameters such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution and audio codec, bit rate, sample rate and channels to get better output video and audio quality for Samsung devices
  • Beneficial video editing options including trimming, merging, cropping, splitting, watermark, etc to get the exact video that you want.. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tips for Playing and Watching Both Common and DRM Videos on Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been released for many days which is equipped with 6.3" infinity display. It's the biggest ever for a Galaxy Note - giving you more screen for a bigger view and more space to use the S Pen. Galaxy Note 8 bring us a higher level visual experience. Are you enthusiastic and passionate about moving your videos and movies onto this new smartphone for viewing on the move?  Galaxy Note 8 has native support for some media files including MP4, MEV, WMV, FLV videos, you just transfer video from computer to Samsung device with ease.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Supported Video Formats

Audio playback format



*Some files may not be supported depending on codec used.

Video Playback Formats


*Some files may not be supported depending on codec used.

How about videos like M2TS, MOV, VOB, TiVo, MXF and other unsupported file types? Or even purchased or downloaded movies from iTunes, Amazon, or digital copies? How to play these common and DRM videos on Galaxy Note 8? Here is a brief guide.

Part 1. Play M2TS, MOV, VOB, TiVo, MXF common video on Galaxy Note 8

To make M2TS, MOV, VOB, TiVo, MXF and other videos playable on Galaxy Note 8, you need a professional video converter tool. We highly recommend you Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate/For Mac, which transcode all above common video to Galaxy Note 8 playable video - MP4. More features in this guide for you.

Step by step to convert M2TS, MOV, VOB, TiVo, MXF common video to Galaxy Note 8

Step 1: Import video into Video Converter Ultimate.

Click "Add video" to load video file from computer hard drive. This Video Converter Ultimate program supports batch conversion, so you could add more than one videos and convert.

Add video

Step 2: Set output format.

This application offers hundreds of output formats. Click the "Format" bar, find Samsung category, then you will see profile named "Samsung Galaxy Note(*.mp4)". Select it for Galaxy Note 8 output. You also can choose H.264 mp4 from "Common Video", or "HD Video".

Format choice

You may not find the particular output format for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, don't worry, customize profile presets to achieve the perfect settings for this new device.

mp4 settings

Step 3: Convert video to Galaxy Note 8 MP4.

Hit on the "Convert" button on the main interface and start converting to Galaxy Note 8 MP4 video. Once it is done, get the generated video file and transfer to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Part 2. Watch iTunes M4V, Amazon WMV, and digital copy DRM Video on Galaxy Note 8

For those people, who has got iTunes M4V, Amazon WMV, or other digital copy DRM video, now, Pavtube ChewTune comes as your best helper, which legally remove DRM protection from iTunes movies or TV-shows, BD/DVD Digital Copies, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, etc and output any regular format you want with expected quality. So that you can play digital copy DRM video on any devices, like Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X/8/7/6, iPad, Eve V, Kindle Fire, and more.

Quick Guide to convert iTunes M4V, Amazon WMV, and digital copy DRM Video to Galaxy Note 8

Step 1: Add DRM protected video.

Click "Add Video" or you can directly drag DRM protected video to this program.

Import DRM video in ChewTune

Step 2: Choose video format.

Find the optimized format for your device. To play DRM protected video on Galaxy Note 8, H.264 MP4 would be a great choice. If you cannot find the exact same profile under Format list, don't worry, just select H.264 Video(*.mp4) in Common Video category, and adjust parameters to get a satisfying video/audio playback on your device.

Format selection

Step 3: Convert DRM video to Galaxy Note 8 MP4.

Start converting DRM to MP4 for Galaxy Note 8 by clicking the "Convert" button. When the conversion is done, you can click "Open" button to find the converted MP4 video. Connect your device to computer, and transfer DRM video to Galaxy Note 8 via USB cable.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tips for Playing Blu-ray on Samsung TV via Plex

Over the past few years, media straming app Plex has evolved into a code sutter's best friend. Watch how Plex makes it possible to enjoy all of your media, whether in your living room, the car, or on a boat in the South Pacific! Only 3 steps to make watching movies everywhere to come ture: Sign up & download, Add your media, Stream to your favorite devices. Normally, Plex and TV are good firends, whereas, Samsung TV always stands out from its competitors due to its design and price.

If you are one of the Blu-ray lovers, you must want to play Blu-ray movies on your Samsung TV which gives your higher virtual experience than tablets via Plex. Sure, that should be a good choice. As we all know that Blu-ray movies are original store on plastic disc, and for commercial Blu-ray, they are always protected by CSS region code or other region codes, prevents from copying the digital copy to Plex. The best way to play any Blu-ray on Samsung TV via Plex. Here are 3 steps for you.

Firstly, you have to sign up your Plex account, if you have had one, please skip this step. Secondly, copy Blu-ray movies and store them on Plex meida library. The last step is to download Plex on your Samsung TV and install Plex on it, sign in and select one Blu-ray movie, now it's time for watching lossless Blu-ray movies on Samsung TV with family, friends at home. There are many tools in the market that can help you complete step two. And we highly recommend you Pavtube ByteCopy for Window/Mac.

Key Features of Pavtube ByteCopy

  • Support to load commercial Blu-ray/DVD, 3D Blu-ray movies, DVD IFO File,DVD ISO Image File, BD ISO image file, and common videos.
  • Rip and convert Blu-ray to MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV ,etc formats by removing Blu-ray encryption including CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney x-project DRM, etc.
  • Pavtube ByteCopy allows you to lossless copy Blu-ray to Multi-track MKV format to help preserve Blu-ray 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound or other popular multi-track formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV for viewing Blu-ray movies on Samsung TV with multiple audio tracks and channels. Here is a guide to help you know more.
  • With it, you can trim a clip from the feature-length Blu-ray video then you can upload the clip to YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook for sharing or import the Blu-ray fragment to Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve for editing. You also can add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your Blu-ray movies or replace the audio in the video for foreign language learning or other demands.

Step by Step to Rip Blu-ray to Plex for Playback on Samsung TV

Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie

Launch the program on your computer, insert your Blu-ray disc into your computer's optical drive, click "File" > "Load from disc" to load commercial Blu-ray disc with region protection to the application.

load blu ray

Step 2. Select output format compatible with Plex

Just click "Format", navigate to "HD Video"--> "H.264 HD Video". If you prefer higher definition output formats, you can choose "H.264 High Profile Video(*mp4)" from "Common Video". Or you can select "Samsung TV (*.mp4)" from "TVS" category.


Note: There are three multi-track output formats available for you to choose from: Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV, Multi-track MP4, and Multi-track MOV.

multi track video

If you choose "Multi-track Vdieo" as out put format, then, you can click "Settings" to preserve wanted audio tracks and subtitles streams in the source movie.

multi track video settings

Step 3. Change video/audio settings (Optional)

Note: This step is based on Not choosing output format from "Multi-track video" category.

To get a full enjoyment on Samsung TV display, you can choose to change video and audio settings to match the features of Samsung TV. Click "Settings" button and you'll be taken to the "Profile Settings" window where you can change parameters like size, sample rate, bitrate, channels, etc.

h.264 hd settins

Step 4. Start to convert Blu-ray to Plex for Playback on Samsung TV

Click on the button "Convert" on main interface to let this Blu-ray converter to convert Blu-ray movie to Plex supported video format. After conversion, you can click "Open" to get the generated file then transfer the generated movies to your Plex, you also can put the Blu-ray rips to USB stick then watch Blu-ray movies on Samsung TV via USB port.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Best Free! Free! Free! Video/DVD Converter Ultimate For Galaxy Note 8

Hi friends, are you looking for a good and free video converter for your Galaxy Note 8/7 S8/7 and more? I believe that you must have found that there is no free lunch in this world. Most free video converter has many flaws. Some of those free video converter lose the main functions; some of those programs has disgusting watermark. Each of them gives you the worst experience. However, it is too early for you to feel upset. Cause you have come the right place. Here we will introduce you the best and free video converter for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with 6.3" infinity display. And it still fits comfortably in your hand because the symmetric curves and 18.5:9 aspect come together for a narrow body. To sum up, Galaxy Note 8 bring us a higher level visual experience. To play DVD movies and other movies on it must be wonderful, this article gonna show you all-round function of follwing Free DVD/video converter and specific operating steps for you to know in depth.

Main Funtions of the Free DVD/Video Converter

Pavtube Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate comes as a free and professional video converter which you can't miss in your whole life. You must have failed to bypass DVD disc decryption with free DVD ripper software such as Handbrake and Format Factory, VidCoder, etc, and wish to find a more advanced but free DVD ripper application for coping DVD movies to Galaxy Note 8 that keeps constant update with perfect support for the recently released DVD disc. And this free DVD converter would help you a lot.

Bypass all DVD copy and region protection

With Pavtube Free DVD Video Converter Ultimate, you are able to copy DVD movies to Galaxy Note 8 without any obstacles. You can comprehensively break up to 14 different types DVD protection including region code, RCE, key2Audio, UOP, CSS, Macrovision, CPRM, FluxDVD, Protect, ARccOS, AACS, BD+, ROM Mark, BD-Live, Other (e.g.APS).

For those people who want to convert videos to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this software also gives you way out. As we all know, MKV, MOV, MP4, all those are just container which cover a lot of video/audio codec. It must be very common if you meet such issue that you fail to play some video on Galaxy Note 8. Calm down, all those means nothing to Pavtube Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate.

Input DVD and video in various different file types

This free program can not only load commercial DVD disc, but also Video_TS DVD Folder and DVD IFO and ISO image file. As for the video file formats, you can batch input AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, F4V, VOB, M2TS, etc with the resolution of 4K/2K/HD/SD into the program. Up to now, the only left thing is about output video format, read on.

Output DVD/Video to variety of popular file formats

Want to get full entertainment of your DVD and video on Galaxy Note 8/7, Galaxy S9/8/7, Galaxy Tab, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad, PS4 Pro, etc. Pavtube Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate does you a great favor to output DVD/video to multiple popular file formats listed as below: 

Video formats: Divx AVI, Xvid AVI, WMV2, WMV3, MOV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, ASF, WebM, 3GPP, 3GPP2 
Audio formats: MP3, WAV, M4V, OGG, AC3, WMA, AAC, SUN AU, AIFF, MP2, FLAC, AAC, MKA 
HD formats: H.264 HD, MPEG-2 HD, MPEG-TS HD, MKV HD, WMV HD, Divx HD, AVI HD

By the way, this smart assistant allows you to flexibly adjust output video codec, bit rate, resolution, frame rate and audio codec, bit rate, sample rate and channels to let them fit with your devices or programs.

Get your desired video with built-in video editing package

This DVD/Video converter also works as a professional video editor. You can use "Trim" funtion to cut off unwanted parts or segment from the video. For DVD movies you can cut off the long film title and trailers. "Crop" funtion allows you to remove black edges and unwanted area of video scene. You also can split one video into several parts then unload them to sharing websites, like Youtube, Twitter, FaceBook. If you have got some DVDs from foreign countries, it must be delighted if the movies only has foreign language subtitles. It is time for you to insert SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles by yourselves. More funtions are inthis guide.

Quick Guide to Convert DVD/Video to Galaxy Note 8

Step 1. Import DVD/Video

Open up this free DVD/Video converter on PC and click "File","Load IFO/ISO" to import ISO and IFO files(DVD IFO file, DVD ISO image file). Click "Add Video" to import the target video which is not compatible with Galaxy Note 8. Otherwise, you can directly drag the file into this program.

load dvd video

Step 2. Select Galaxy Note 8 supported video format

Just click "Format" bar, navigate to "HD Video" and select "MKV HD Video (*.mkv)".

Tips: Just click setting to adjust video parameters at you like. You can flexibly adjust output video codec, bit rate, resolution, frame rate and audio codec, bit rate, sample rate and channels to let them fit with your Galaxy Note 8.


Step 3. Edit video

For those people, who need to trim to cut video, or add your own watermark, or just want to insert subtitles, you can click pen icon on the main interface to get this goal.

video editor

Step 4. Start DVD/Video to Galaxy Note 8 Conversion

After you have finished all settings, return to main interface and click "Convert" to start conversion. Just wait for a second, you can click Open and it will pop up a folder with generated file. Then transfer to your Galaxy Note 8, and watch the movies on the move.