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Supported Video Formats For Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1

Can't play video on Samsung Galaxy Note? This article introduces what video formats are supported by Galaxy Note series like Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1. 
Are you an Samsung Galaxy Note user? Want to have wonderful multimedia experience on Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1? Do you have encountered such a problem: 

Q1: Picked up my Galaxy Note 3 yesterday. As a video enthusiasts, I like to collect all kinds of videos and movies, such as: AVI, MKV and Flash video. Now I want to watch them on my new phone, but the problem arises. Is there an app that can play these files? If not is there something that can convert the videos to a format that suits the Galaxy Note.
Q2: I use TiVo all the time and recorded my favorite TV shows, but they cannot be played on my Note 2 or other portable devices. What should I do it happen? Could you recommend something can do that? 

Q3: I thought it would be as simply as copying some avi,mkv files to the movies directory of my Galaxy Note 10.1. But I believe Android doesn't support avi, so I download 4 or 5 different movies apps - all of which couldn't function as the Note 10.1 doesn't have an SD card. 
Then what should we do?

Samsung Galaxy Note is the name given to a series of Android smartphone-phablets and tablet computers which come from the Samsung Galaxy series and includes smartphones with large screens and pressure-sensitive stylus (branded "S Pen") as well as tablets with the stylus technology.

If you wanna play all kinds of video to Samsung Galaxy Note series, you have to get to know its supported video format at first. 

Read More: Supported Video Formats for Android – Non Official Document 

Supported Video Formats For Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1 

Now check out what video formats are supported and can be successfully played with your default video player on Samsung Galaxy Note. 
Video Format supported by Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 

Codec : H.264, MPEG-4, H.263, VC-1, WMV7, WMV8, Sorenson Spark, MP43, VP8, HEVC 
Recording & Playback: Full HD (1080p), UHD (*may differ by market) 


Codec : MP3, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA, AMR-NB/WB, Vorbis, FLAC(*), WAV(*) 
(*) Ultra High Quality Audio (~192KHz, 24 bit) support 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 

Codec: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC-1, DivX, WMV7, WMV8, WMV9, VP8 
Format: 3GP(MP4), WMV(ASF), AVI, FLV, MKV, WebM 
Full HD(1080p) Playback & Recording 

Codec: MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, ACC+, eAAC+, AMR(NB,WB), MIDI, WAV, AC-3, Flac 
Music Player with SoundAlive 
3.5mm Ear Jack 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 
MPEG4, H.264, MP43, VC-1, WMV 7/8, 
Sorenson Spark, H.263, VP8 
1080p Full HD video @ 60fps 

WAV, MIDI, SP-MIDI, i-Melody, XMF 

Different version of Android system may support different video format even for the same model of Samsung Galaxy Note. 

Video Encoding for Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1 

Below are the recommended encoding parameters for Samsung Galaxy Note video playback. 

You need a Galaxy Note Video converter or Video Compression tool to encode videos with these parameters to make any videos compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Note 10.1. Naturally, we at Pavtube recommend Video Converter Ultimate or iMedia Converter for Mac to convert 1080p/720p MKV, AVI, Tivo, VOB, WMV, MPG, M2TS, MTS, TS, FLV, F4V, VRO, EVO, WebM, MP4 etc. video for Galaxy Note

Of course, if you want to watch Blu-ray and DVD movies on Galaxy Note, the BDMagic is the best choice. If you only need to rip DVDs, the DVDAid is needed. Movies purchased or downloaded from online (e.g. iTunes, BBC iPlayer) are restricted to specific computers and devices only.

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Record and Stream BD/DVD Digital Copy to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

How to unlock Digital Copy from Blu-ray/DVD Disc to play on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? This DRM converter is highly recommended to help easily remove DRM protection and output MP4 videos for freely playback on Galaxy Tab 3.

Question: I was tired of the aggravation of trying to get the (digital) copy of my purchased DVD to work and move them to my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 after testing almost every program I had. Help me out.

Answer: Digital copy of DVD combo is DRM protected, not all video converting program works with this kind of videos. I used to be in same dilemma till I found Pavtube ChewTune, it saves me time and headache. And this guide offers me brief instruction about how to transfer digital copy to play on Galaxy Tab 3.

Guide to stream Blu-ray/DVD digital copy movies to Galaxy Tab 3

1. Transfer digital copy to computer.

2. Get DRM removal tool installed on your PC/Mac:

Now, you are ready to convert digital copy movies to Galaxy Tab 3. Follow the guide Step by Step.

Step 1. Launch the Digital Copy to Galaxy Tab 3 converter. Click “Add video” button to import digital copy files.

Step 2. Choose video format for Galaxy Tab 3. Click on ” Format > Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Tab H.264 (*.mp4)“.

Step 3. Start transcoding digital copy movies to Galaxy Tab 3 by clicking on “Convert” button.

1. This program cannot convert unplayable files (damaged, unauthorized, etc.).

2. The DRM removing process may mislead your anti-virus software to falsely report virus/worm. Please ignore the report to keep on converting DRM video.

3. When converting digital copy movie from iTunes library, you need to set iTunes not to remember playback position.

Finally, when the conversion task is done, transfer the converted video file to Galaxy Tab 3.  Hope my article is really useful for you to play digital copy movies on Galaxy Tab 3.

If you have any issues, you may refer to the post on how to transfer media files to Galaxy Tab 3 with kies.

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Learn More Special Offer:

ByteCopy($42) + Vidpie($29) = Only $54.9, Save $16.1 
Video Converter Ultimate($65) + Vidpie($29) = Only $74.9, Save $19.1 
BDMagic($49) + Vidpie($29) = Only $49.9, Save $28.1 
DVDAid($35) + Vidpie($29) = Only $49.9, Save $14.1

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Recommended Best Video Formats for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1

This guide introduces what video formats can be playable on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1, so that you can watch any videos with best settings on these Android new devices.
The Apple iPad has set the standard for tablets very high and Samsung responded. Since the first Samsung Galaxy Tab hit the market, it's been a huge contender with the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are great Android tablets, plain and simple. If you're a fan of the many advantages of Android, you'll fall head over heels for these tablets.

If you already use a Samsung Tablet, the first thing that you'll notice about is the larger scale which means you can watch movies videos everywhere with these devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2 and Tab 10.1.

However, Galaxy Tablet is somehow picky at file types so that you cannot put your every video to it directly. If you have no idea about the Samsung media format issue or are wondering about the best settings for a video to be put on Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1, here is a detailed solution for you.

Part 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1 supported file format:

First, let’s see some detailed data from Samsung official website.

Galaxy Tab 3
  • Video Format supported: H.263, H.264, MPEG4, WMV, DivX
  • Audio Format supported: AAC, AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, eAAC+, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AC-3, FLAC

Galaxy Tab 2

  • Video Format supported: MPEG4,H.263,H.264,VC-1,DivX,WMV7,WMV8,WMV9,VP8
  • Audio Format supported: MP4,AAC,AC-3,AMR,FLAC,MID,WMA,WAV,OGG 
Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Video formats supported:WMV9,WMV7,WMV8,H.264,MPEG4,DivX,H.264,VP8
  • Audio formats supported: MP3,AAC,AAC+,eAAC+,WMA,RA 

Part 2. Recommended software to convert media to play on Samsung Galaxy Tablets

1. Best Blu-ray/DVD to Galaxy backup or copying tool

For people who want to transfer 2D/3D Blu-ray/DVD movies to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1, you may need to roll off disc protection, choose target video format and adjust the best video size/bitrate/frame rate for Galaxy.

Not tech-savvy? Now we have Pavtube ByteCopy and you can finish your task within a few simple clicks. It is your best tool to rip and convert Blu-ray movies and DVDs to MKV container format with multiple audio tracks and subtitle sincluded. The latest version has added (Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, or Anaglyph 3D effect in MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI format.

2. Top Galaxy Video Converter Ultimate

Having problems when putting and playing video files on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (Win/Mac) allow you to convert all kinds of video files to best MP4 video for Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1 ). Both the two programs are 40% off now.

3. Excellent DRM Removal for Galaxy

How to put copy-protected contents onto the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1? In fact, Movies purchased or downloaded from online (e.g. iTunes, BBC iPlayer, Amazon) are restricted to specific computers and devices only. Unfortunately the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents which means Samsung Galaxy Tablet is not granted to play DRM-protected videos.

To have the device play these DRM videos (iTunes movies, TV shows, Amzon Instant videos and Digital Copies), get yourself a DRM removal tool first (e.g. ChewTune/ ChewTune for Mac).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab 10.1 Media Tranfer:
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Best Supported Video Format for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S

Wondering which video format are supported for playback on your Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S? Check this guide to see Galaxy S series specs, including its best playback video format and native codec.   
There is no denying the fact that the Galaxy S series from Samsung is the most popular Android lineup to date. With its latest iteration of the Galaxy S, Samsung sold over 10 million units before the phone even launched. Obviously, a lot of people have become loyal to the Galaxy S brand.

The specs of Galaxy S improved dramatically every year. With each generation, the screens got a little bigger and better (either through resolution or sub-pixel layout), the processors got faster and more powerful (higher clock speeds or more cores), and the RAM has pretty much doubled up with each new iteration. Better camera are probably all in store for the SGS4. Now it come with Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumour Roundup. Based off my experience with the older Galaxies, I can’t wait!

Want to watch your favourite movie files on Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S? Which file types are supported by Galaxy S Series? Let's explore in the article as below.

Part 1: Supported File Formats for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S

If you want to play videos on your new Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S, you need to find out which audio and video formats are supported by Galaxy S series first. Here, we list their supported video formats for you as below.

Rumour:  Samsung Galaxy S5  (5.25” screen):

MPEG4, H.264, 3GP

Samsung Galaxy S4 (5.0” screen):


Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8” screen):

MP4, WMV, AVI, DivX, XviD, H.264, H.263

Samsung Galaxy S2 (4.3” screen):


Samsung Galaxy S  (4.0” screen): 


Only videos in the supported format list above can by played on Galaxy S series. If you want to transfer and play uncognized videos on Galaxy S series, the first step you need to do is to convert all unsupported videos to compatible format for Galaxy S series.

Part 2: Best Video Setting for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S

Galaxy S series only support limited videos in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats, and the best file format or container to store your videos for playing back on Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S is the MP4. Please pair the video settings to your Ultimate Video Converter as below to make sure the quality for watching on your device.

Below are Galaxy S series best video setting:

Video Settings

Codec: H.264 or WMV 3
Size: 1280*720 (for S5, S4 and S3), 480*800 (for S2), 800*480 (for S)
Bitrate: 1500~2000 kbps
Frame Rate: 24

Audio Settings

Codec: AAC
Sample Rate: 44100Hz
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Channel: Stereo

Galaxy S series Converter tool - Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (20% off now). The program can help you compress 1080p Blu-ray, rip DVD movie and convert HD videos to Galaxy S series (Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S), including MKV, AVI, MPG, VOB, TiVo and more, everything can be transferred to Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S optimized formats at ease. Meanwhile the playback of the converted videos is as decent as possible as original and the conversions can be made for use on all forms of the Galaxy S series.
Great News! To thanks for your continued support all along our previous site and the new, we are holding a 'New Site Special' with fantastic discounts up to 40% off, pay less to get more powerful Pavtube Blu-ray/DVD backup tools!

Like us to get 20% off BDMagic(Blu-ray Ripper), 30% off ByteCopy, 40% off DVDAid(DVD Ripper) and 20% off Video Converter Ultimate on Windows/Mac platform:


Now let's see where you’ll find out more information about selecting your conversion’s output format in an easier way; with the built-in presets.

Part 3: Preset Video Settings for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S

As mentioned earlier, if you need to convert your video (on a Windows PC) files for playback on the Galaxy S series, Pavtube Galaxy Video Converter Ultimate will not fail you. Not all video tools like this all-in-one program offer so many video editing options in this full-features and powerful video converter. It edits videos by trimming, cropping, splitting videos, add text/image/video watermark as copyright protection, and attach external *.srt, *.ass, or *.ssa subtitles into source media for entertainment. Support perfect audio and video synchronization.

If you are a Mac user, you can use its equivalent Mac version -iMedia Converter Mac to achieve your goal smoothly. Both the two versions can output 3D (Anaglyph, T/P, SBS) in MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI format.

The conversion speed is very fast because it supports batch conversion and NVIDIA CUDA & ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies. It converts multiple video clips at the same time, moreover it can shut down computer after the process is complete, so run the app overnight and you could enjoy the created videos next morning when you are up.

Now, all you need to do is drag-and-drop your Blu-ray, DVD and video files into the converter once it’s launched. After that you can conveniently edit it with the Edit button on each of the uploaded files. Alternatively, head straight to choosing your preferred device; which in this case the iPad from Output Format>Samsung>Samsung Galaxy S III Video (*.mp4). Or choose others according to the models of your mobile phone. Simply click on Convert. When the conversion is 100% completed, you can transfer and enjoy your unacceptable video files on Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 and S! It’s honestly that simple and straightforward. Give it a go.


Don't know how to transfer converted videos to Galaxy S series? Read the guides:

Stream Videos/Movies from Computer to Samsung Galaxy S3
How to Transfer Music, Video files to Galaxy Note 3 via USB or Samsung Kies 3
How to put videos to Android Smartphones via USB connection?

Guide & Tips:

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumour Roundup - Release Date Features and Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date and specs are being heavily rumored. What can we expect from the powerful next-gen flagship? Read this article to get details. 
Samsung's 2013 flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, has been a smashing success, so it's no wonder people are already guessing about its successor. I'm presuming that the next phone will be named the Galaxy S5, but even that's up in the air.

Not long ago, the Samsung model number SM-G900S was discovered within a device performance benchmark and has already been connected to the Galaxy S5. Now, a variant of the number has been discovered within a Samsung shipping manifest. The model number SM-G900F is believed to be a "premium" version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which would feature the manufacturer’s first metal exterior design. Previous reports have indicated that the Galaxy S5 may come in a more stylish metal variant as well as the standard plastic. If true, the two design variants may prompt Samsung to look for cost-cutting measures in other components.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features?  PLS LCD Display

Most recently, reports indicate that Samsung may use PLS LCD displays for the Galaxy S5. According to ETNews, the Korean manufacturer may opt for LCD displays instead of its usual AMOLED displays, because they could reduce production costs of the Galaxy S5 by almost 20 percent. Notably, the previous Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $236 to build, and its most expensive component is its 1920 x 1080 5-inch Full HD AMOLED display boasting 441 ppi, which costs $75. Even with a production cut, the cost of the PLS LCD displays would still be relatively pricey in comparison to other components, which max out at about $30. Samsung has used LCD displays for its tablets, and devices such as the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1 feature PLS LCD displays.

Will The Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch In Late April?
Some advantages to LCD displays include more natural colors and less battery drain, but AMOLED displays have become somewhat of a flagship feature on the Galaxy S series. In addition, this is not the first time rumors have suggested that Samsung may forgo an AMOLED display for an LCD. Similar reports surfaced for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 prior to their release, which makes many think this rumor may not be quite reliable as both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 released with AMOLED displays.

Reviews have indicated that the 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on par with the best LCD displays on the market. Other rumors indicate that Samsung has plans to boost its AMOLED displays even further, with 560 ppi, which equates to 2K resolution (2560 x 1440). The display for the Galaxy S5 will reportedly be 5.25-inches.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features?  Slimmer Design With LDS Antenna

A more plausible rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it may feature a slimmer design than its predecessor. Once again, according to ETNews, the Galaxy S5 may achieve a slimmer look by implementing a technology that was not long ago introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3: LDS antenna.

LDS antenna is implemented within a device's external structure, which not only simplifies the manufacturing, but also lets devices be slimmer by having fewer internal components. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the LDS antenna is molded into the back plate, and is located between its internal circuitry and battery. This allowed the Galaxy Note 3 to be slimmed down to 8.3 mm breadth, in comparison to the 9.7 mm breadth of the Galaxy Note 2. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is notably 7.9 mm in breadth; which could indicate that the Galaxy S5 could be up to 1 mm thinner with LDS antenna implemented into its design.

The practicality of LDS antenna is that it allows manufacturers to tune devices’ frequencies for different countries and regions quickly and easily. An antenna expert told ETNews that it took three weeks during the manufacturing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to tune all handsets to their proper location frequencies, while the process would take just three or four days using LDS antenna technology.

Is the Metal Samsung Galaxy S5 Actually A Whole New Phone?

LDS antenna will reportedly only be implemented into the rumored plastic variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as a device with a metal back panel would be unable to conduct frequencies in this fashion. While still unconfirmed, this could indicate that the Galaxy S5 dual-design rumor is false. The overall design of a metal Samsung Galaxy device would likely be far different from the general design of Samsung’s plastic devices for such Galaxy S5 variants to be sold under the same name.

Notably, another rumor suggests that Samsung has plans to introduce a new Galaxy line, the Samsung Galaxy F, which would feature a metal design and stand as its latest "premium" device. This would likely demote the Galaxy S line; while still being high-end, it would likely continue to introduce the latest software technology. The Galaxy F line would introduce newer, sleeker designs for Samsung. Keep in mind that Samsung likely won’t be releasing anything for at least four more months, so there is plenty of time for more concrete reports to surface.

There have been rumours that the initial designs and chassis for the Samsung Galaxy S5 have been developed in Europe and currently being tested in Vietnam. The phone is rumoured to be manufactured in the Vietnam factory.

There have been no official announcements about the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but analysts expect it to be early 2014. Do you think the current Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are plausible or too good to be true? Let us know in the comments below.

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Move Video, Music, Photo and iBook to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with Mac (including Mavericks 10.9)

In this tutorial you will learn the process of transferring Video, Music, Photo and iBook from your Mac to Galaxy Tab 3 with Kies. 
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has had as many leaks as a ship made of Swiss cheese, with being the latest mouse on board. With a launch date scheduled around June/July, the site claims that the new tablet will come in a 8-inch and a 10.1-inch version.

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can transfer Video, Music, Photo, iBook using Samsung Kies software for your Mac or via Kies air on your device.

You can download the Kies software by visiting the Kies website.

1. Open the Samsung Kies software.

2. Connect your device to your Mac using the supplied USB cable.

3. Your device should connect automatically and show in the left panel of Kies. You may need to change the USB settings if you cannot connect; swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom to open the Notification Panel and touch Connected as a camera. Touch Media device (MTP) to change the USB settings. The Notification Panel should show Connected as a media device as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Click Photos, Music or Videos under your device name.

5. Mark the pictures or videos you want to transfer to your computer and then click . To mark all of the pictures or videos, mark the box at the top of the list.

6. Choose the location you would like to copy the selected files to.

7. The selected pictures or videos will be transferred to your computer. You can view them by clicking Photos, Musicor Videos under Library in Kies or by opening the folder you selected in the step above.

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The Kies air application is a device management suite that allows you to manage the content and personal information stored on your mobile device. The application creates a wireless connection between your device and any computer that has a web browser, making management easier and more accessible.

If Kies air is not preloaded on your device, you can install it from the Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store from your mobile device and search for Kies air.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Kies air .

2. Touch Start to initiate connection.

3. Kies air will now display a URL that can be used to browse your device. On another device, open the browser. Then type the URL in the browser’s address bar.

4. Touch Allow on the device to grant access. Check Remember for today if you do not want this message to appear again for the rest of the day.

5. The two devices should now be connected. You will see your device listed on the left panel of Kies air.

6. Click Photos or Videos under your device name.

7. Mark the photos, music or videos you want to transfer to your computer and then click Download. To mark all of the photos or videos, mark the All option.

8. Choose the location you would like to save the selected files to.

9. The selected photos or videos will be transferred to your computer. You can view them by opening the folder you saved them in.
Android™ File Transfer

Google™ offers a free Android™ File Transfer application, available from, with installation instructions.

Important! You must uninstall Kies for Mac before running Android File Transfer. Otherwise, the application will not connect to your device.

1. To uninstall Kies, download the Kies for Mac software by visiting the Kies website.
2. From Finder, click Go > Downloads > KiesMac_xxxx.dmg > Uninstall.

After installing Android File Transfer, follow these steps:

1. Connect your device to your Mac using the supplied USB cable.

2. Open Android File Transfer on your Mac. Your device should connect automatically and display the contents of your device and optional memory card. You may need to change the USB settings if you cannot connect; swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom to open the Notification Panel and touch Connected as a camera. Touch Media device (MTP) to change the USB settings. The Notification Panel should show Connected as a media device.

3. Navigate to the appropriate folder containing your pictures or videos.

4. Select a file or highlight all. Drag and drop the files to your pictures folder on your Mac.

First, you need know Samsung Tab 3 supported file types:

Video formats: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, 3GP, Flash Video
Audio formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AMR, OGG, MIDI

If you want to play MPEG-2, TS, MKV, MOV, TOD, M2TS, MTS, MOD, VOB, TiVo, iTunes M4V or TV shows, Digital Copy, Amazon Videos, Blu-ray/DVD movies, etc., you may have already found that’s not easy for you, but it’s not a big thing, the following converter tools will help you:

Easy solution to rip Blu-ray Android Phone & Tablet on Mac 
Convert DVD movies to Android Phone/Tablet for freely playback 
Transfer iTunes DRM videos on Android OS Tablets & Phones 
Watch TiVo on Android keeping optimum aspect ratio 

Important! Almost every Android device has this 4GB limitation, in other word, you cann’t successfully move your movies or videos to Android tablets/phones for sure. For eBooks of course that’s no problem. But for multimedia it’s a huge disadvantage to iPhone or iPad for example. 720p and 1080p movies today can be up to 10GB, and that’s definitely will not transfer to the MircroSd card.

Some may say, you can convert the card into some Linux format, Ext3 or something like that. But I find it extremely inefficient and even unprofessional, to claim those units being multimedia devices as well and not even being able to handle the easiest of tasks. None of these are ideal for use with flash cards anyway, ideally we would all be using some type of JFS with them. Some other guy find a solution by Zipping into portions below 4GB, copying to the card and then unzipping. Not really a solution, in my opinion – way to time-consuming.

Another way is to split the files into parts and have the software know to glue it back together again for you. This sounds more reasonable, when you convert multimedia files and lower resolution files still will look fine… The following toturial will show you:

How to get over 4GB file size limitation for Android Systems?

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  • Easily transfer Media Files (Video, Music, Photo, iBook) from PC to Galaxy Tab 3 on Windows 8.1/8/7

    Having problems with transferring media files onto Galaxy Tab 3? Follow this tutorial to learn how to sync video, music, photo and iBook from PC to Galaxy Tab 3 with Samsung Kies.
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3's light, comfortable design, myriad useful features, and bright colorful screen makes the 8-incher one of the best small tablets on the market.
    It’s a wonderful experience to watch your videos/music/iBook library with it.  Do you know how to connect Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to PC for transferring video, music, movie files? Read on the page and found out some tips and tricks.

    In fact, there are various ways for you to transfer video and audio files to your Galaxy Tab 3. Here are the top 5 suggestions:

    1. Transfer from PC.

    2. Transfer from a PC with Samsung Kies.

    3. Transfer from a PC with Windows Media Player.

    4. Receive via Bluetooth.

    5. Receive via Wi-Fi.

    Method 1: Transfer video, music, photo and iBook files from PC

    1. Connect your Galaxy Tab 3 to your PC using the USB data cable.

    2. On your phone, a USB icon will appear in the top Notification bar. Drag the notification bar downwards and then tap on the Connected as a media device.

    3. On the USB PC connection screen, ensure the Media device (MTP) checkbox is ticked. Now, you’re ready to transfer files between your PC and phone.

    4. Open up your PC Windows Explorer, and you should see your Galaxy Tab 3 shows up as a removable disk.

    5. Access the phone storage via Windows Explorer. Here, you should see the Video and Music folders.

    6. Simply drag/copy-and-paste your music or video files from your computer to the respective folders. On your Galaxy Tab 3, the media players will automatically recognize the files.

    7. Alternatively, you can create a new folder in your phone storage or external memory card to store these files. The  Galaxy Tab 3 will scan storage and list them accordingly on the music and video players automatically.

    Method 2: Transfer media files using Windows Media Player

    1. Connect your  Galaxy Tab 3 to your PC using the USB data cable.

    2. Run Windows Media Player on your PC.

    3. On the left side of the Windows Media Player, you will see little icons which represent the phone internal and external storage (only visible if your phone has an external memory card). In this tutorial, I will select the phone storage.

    4. Next, move to the right side and click the Sync tab.

    5. Drag the music files, videos or even a playlist to the Sync list area.

    Note: You can drag these files from either the PC folders or Windows Media Player library.

    6. Once you have all the files in the Sync list, click Start sync.

    7. Now, move to the left, and click Sync status to verify if those files are successfully copied over to your phone.

    8. Start playing those songs on your Samsung  Galaxy Tab 3.

    Method 3: Transfer (Video, Music, Photo, iBook) media files using Samsung Kies

    Using this freeware provided by Samsung you can connect the Galaxy Tab 3 to PC and transfer Video, Music, Photo, iBook to the device at ease.

    Software availability: Kies Download

    Step 1. Install Kies to your PC.

    Once you’ve downloaded the .exe, do the usual double click on the desktop icon to start the installer. This runs you through various steps such as choosing your country and language and what specific elements you want to install. Once you’ve finally installed Kies and booted it up, you see this nice user guide. This is useful, read it through and you’ll learn the basic features of Kies.

    Step 2. Setup your Galaxy Tab 3 for Kies connection.
    Boot the Galaxy Tab 3 device, press the Menu Key

    In Menu mode, select “Settings-> Wireless and network->> USB settings->> Samsung Kies”.

    Step 3. Connect your Galaxy Tab 3 to the PC with a USB cable.

    Kies will automatically detect the device. Your connected Galaxy Tab will appear as icons at the upper right corner of the screen in the order they have been connected.

    Step 4. Exporting videos from PC to Galaxy Tab 3.

    Click on “My Computer” at the left top of Kies to open My Computer Window, and select the files you want to export. Drag and drop the selected items onto either the connected Galaxy Tab icon or the Device Browser window.

    Step 5. Remove the Galaxy Tab 3 Device.

    Close Kies, and click the “Safely remove hardware” icon on the taskbar to remove Galaxy Tab 3 from your PC. Now you can play the video files on Galaxy Tab 3 freely. Hope this helps.

    Supported video formats and codec by Galaxy Tab 3

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an excellent media player that supports SD video clips as well as HD videos up to 1080p. Just one thing, make sure the video format and codec is supported by Galaxy Tab before you sync the videos to the tablet. Here are supported file formats by Galaxy Tab for your reference below:

    • Supported video format (file extentsion) by Galaxy Tab 3: MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, MKV
    • Supported video codec by Galaxy Tab 3: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV
    • Supported audio format and codec by Galaxy Tab 3: MP3, OGG, AC3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WAV, FLAC

    Ensure Galaxy Tab 3 play all kinds of videos

    In case that your video files are not in these formats and codec, you can use the Video Converter tool included in Kies to convert source videos for Galaxy Tab 3 playback. This video converter tool, however, supports limited formats and converts videos forever long.

    A recommended alternative here is Pavtube Videos to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter, a universal converter software that converts among various video formats (AVI, MP4, WMV, VOB, MTS, M2TS, MP4, MKV, MPG, etc) and features Galaxy Tab 3 optimized prests for conversion. This little tool makes it possible for you to play MKV/MTS/AVI/MPG on Galaxy Tab 3.

    To view Blu-ray/DVD movies on Galaxy Tab 3, try Pavtube Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter, which rips Blu-ray Discs and standard DVDs to Galaxy Tab 3 support format.

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