Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fix the YouTube Not Working Problem on Samsung TV

Outline: This article answers frequently asked questions about YouTube not working on Samsung TV problem. No worry! Here are complete solutions to solve YouTube not working on Samsung TV. 

Samsung Smart TV provides us with the best high quality screen that allows you can browser the internet and watch videos online, including YouTube videos. It is really good to watch YouTube videos on Samsung smart television with big screen instead of a small computer screen. However, in the recent time, users find that YouTube has stopped working on their Samsung TV with this or that issues. If you have encountered YouTube problems on Samsung TV, here is the right place for you. 

In this article, we will list common YouTube not working on Samsung TV problems and give solutions to them. And we will share the best way to avoid YouTube not working on Samsung TV by downloading YouTube videos to Samsung TV. 

Common Issues of Youtube’s Playback on Samsung TV

Problem1: Unsupported Models

Samsung smart televisions have a powerful internet browsing capabilities, and their high definition pictures and clarity of sound make them an ideal internet option. Two models, unfortunately, no longer have the ability to browse YouTube. These models are the EH5300 and the FH6200, so check to see which particular unit you have.

Solution: If you find that you do have the EH5300 or the FH6200 then you will have to use YouTube via another source, such as a laptop or tablet, or use software that can grab the videos and allow you to play them back, such as the free software from iSkysoft.

Problem 2: Overcome the YouTube Licensing Issue

Since March 2015 there has been an issue with the licensing of YouTube on some Samsung smart televisions. This means that you can access other apps and websites, but YouTube itself will remain stubbornly out of reach.

Solution: If this happens to you, don't panic, because there is a solution and the best thing of all is that it's free. The application is simple to use. All you have to do is to download the completely free software, and then type in the YouTube video link that you want to watch into a box called 'Grab It'. The software searches for the video and then downloads it, allowing you to watch it back whenever you want on your Samsung TV or other supported device.

Problem 3: Resetting Your Smart Television

Smart televisions, just like any other kind of technology, can act erratically from time to time. We all know the favorite maxim of computer technicians, 'switch it off and then back on again'. Well this can be done with your Samsung TV but it has to be done in a special way.

Solution: To begin with, switch your Samsung television into standby mode. Press the following buttons in the order specified: Info, Menu, Mute, and then Power. These have to be done quickly, so if nothing happens at this point then try again with a little more speed. This puts your Samsung TV into factory reset mode. A service menu will pop up on your screen, select Options and then Reset. At this point the television will switch itself off, so turn it on again and see if YouTube now works.

Problem 4: Free Up the Hardware

When you have a Samsung smart TV you'll want to use their innovative Smart Hub system again and again. Over time some users may notice that the app begins to freeze or that they are no longer able to access software such as YouTube. This could result from an overly full memory, or from a hardware update incompatibility.

Solution:Simply reset your system to the original settings and try again.

Problem 5: Update Your Internet Protocol Settings

Some Samsung smart TV users can access YouTube, only to find that the video doesn't load or stream properly. Instead of seeing the full picture, users only see a small portion as the screen is obscured by two large black rectangles coming from the corners. This can be very frustrating, but it often results from the internet protocol and DNS settings. Don't worry, this is easier to fix than ir sounds.

Solution: This is all you have to do: click on Menu, and then Network, followed by Network Status and then IP Status. Your DNS settings will be set to automatic, change this to or and then try again.


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