Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get DVD collections onto Galaxy Note 4 for viewing on the plane

Have collected many DVD disc, you may want to get them played on the coming Galaxy Note 4 and take on a trip for viewing on the go. Here is an easy way.

“I will have a journey and have about 2 hours on plane. Meanwhile, I plan to buy a Galaxy Note 4 which will comes on Sept. The problem is that I could not use it with Wi-Fi on the plane, which would be a little boring. As I have bought a DVD movie disc a few days before and haven’t got time watching, I’m considering to ripping my DVD to the coming Galaxy Note 4 with its 5.7 inches 1440 x 2560 pixels display for viewing on plane. Any suggestions for DVD to Galaxy Rippers?”

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As we know, the Galaxy Note 4 can't play DVD movies directly without DVD drive, so you need a DVD to Galaxy Note 4 Converter to convert and rip DVD to Galaxy Note 4 supported videos. It will make you confused when choosing a most suitable tool seeing so many DVD Rippers on the market. If so, I recommend you try Pavtube DVDAid. It's easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of DVDs. The mac verison is DVDAid for Mac.

Below is a simple tutorial to convert DVD Movies to Galaxy Note 4. You can refer to the steps.

Step 1. Download it, Load DVD to the best DVD to Galaxy Note 4 Ripper. You are allowed to load DVD discs, load DVD ISO files or load from DVD folder.

Convert DVD to Galaxy Note 4

Step 2. Select video format for Galaxy Note 4.

Click "Format" menu to choose the output format. Here you can choose "Samsung Galaxy Note(*.mp4)", under "Samsung" option which is made for Galaxy Note, and also for Galaxy Note 4. 

Video format for Galaxy Note 4

Step 3. Set parameters for output video.

Click "Settings" to adjust the parameters including size, bitrate, frame rate, etc according to your own need. Then you can save it as your customized option with the new name made by yourself. The new option will locate in "Custom" under "Format" menu. Here, you can site the size as “1280*720” for Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 Settings

Step 4. Convert DVD to Galaxy Note 4.

Click big "Convert" button to start ripping DVD to MP4 for Galaxy Note 4 and then click "Open" button to get generated videos for Galaxy Note 4 when completed.

If you don't konw how to transfer movies from computer to Note 4, refer to the guide here.

That it, with 4 simple steps you can enjoy DVD movies on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the plane. Have a nice time!

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