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How to move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5

When you have many files on computer and here offers you the way to transfer or move media files onto SD card on Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5, the great invention of Samsung is excellent from every side such as display, design, battery life, camera functionality, features and more. This is an upgrade version of S4 but packed with more powerful features compare to S4. The camera is perfect to get clear snaps and faster than Galaxy S4. The screen is brighter and bigger, and the battery size is also larger than Galaxy S4. All together Samsung Galaxy S5 is an evolution over S4.

Move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5

When comes to the hardware specification, S5 is powered with 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU, 2800 mAh battery and 2 GB RAM. SO you will get excellent speed with good battery life. Internal memory is 16GB/32 GB but you can expand it to 128 GB using external microSD card.

You can also move files from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to SD card. To move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5 you can use:

1. ASTRO File Manager

Astro file manager for samsung galaxy s5 gives your permssion to organize, retrive and backup all files on your SD to your internal memory. Bonus- pictures, music, videos, & documents; are all compatible.

2. ES File Explorer File Manager

With over 300 millions global downloads, this is the most popular app to move file from your sd card on your samsung galaxy s5.

3. File Manager Samsung S5

Good enough to be stock! Simple, attractive, and effective. Only thing I’d ask for is a paid/Pro version to remove ads. Make it happen!

4. OI File Manager move files to SD on S5

This allows you to browse your SD card.Create and manger folders.It gives you complete privilege of your files stored on your S5

If you face any problem to transfer files on SD card in this way, then you can move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5 by connecting your phone to your PC. To transfer files on SD card follow the below steps:

1. Plug the phone in your computer . Activate Mount mode or sometime it will automatically prompt -

System Settings>Storage

Tap Mount SD Card

2. Then create a folder on your SD

3. Copy the files from your phone’s internal storage that you want to move to SD card on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and paste them to the folder on the SD card.

4. If you want to move files to SD card on Samsung Galaxy S5 as like music, then create folder for the files on SD card. Then copy and paste as like music.

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